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We are Nyctophile


          Nyctophile is a celebration and reflection of humanity and the darkness it encompasses. We envelop the darkest parts of our minds and let the anger, pain, lust, and hatred flow through us. We seek for answers as you do. We seek for justice as you do. We feel as you do. Together, we are one in the same. 

        Taking our discipline from varying styles of metal, we incorporate our sound for a new, darker age to come. From the aggression of thrash metal to the brutality of death metal and the ferocity of black metal, we meld these styles with beautiful,melodic tones and lyrics that feed your mind, just as beauty can be found in darkness. Nyctophile is the embodiment of members that came together from various defunct bands and decided that we were going to do things the right way. We come from different paths and seek to unite all those who have been scorned for being different. 

          We are your voice, through the pain, anguish, anger. We will guide and protect you in this void we call home. Together, we are stronger. Together, we will pick each other up and hold each other high. Together, we will fight for our right to live as we see fit. Together, we will bring salvation to those whose voices can not be heard, human or not.



We are the darkness.



- Origin : Sumerian - God of the Underworld and Healing.

Though menacing in appearance, Ninazu's actual ability is to heal those who suffer from personal and social injustice's. He absorbs all the pain, anger, and suffering. All the emotion that keeps us in the darkness so we don't have to feel alone. He unites all those who have been wronged, made to feel different or subpar, or been caused pain. 



We Are The Darkness....


Edwin Haroutonian

Edwin Haroutonian

The Voice of Nyctophile, Edwin brings a dynamic range of vocal ability stemming from the various style's of music and former and current bands, such as In Fathom, Nihilitus, and Satriarch. He also brings diversity in his lyrical content, writing from personal experiences and social situation's that allow everyone to fully engage into the darkness that surrounds us all.

Julian Bastida


Co-lead guitarist and backing vocals for Nyctophile, Julian brings an eclectic range of influences, a diverse arsenal of riffs, and a unique sound to the writing process. Gaining his experiences in the scene from his former band, Our Own Accord, he is always striving to find melodies in the most overlooked reaches.

Alex Rosas


Co-lead guitarist of Nyctophile, Alex blends light and darkness. His vast knowledge stems from a power metal and black metal background. His former bands like Victory Before Fate, Satriarch,and studio project The Dark Between allowed him to bring soaring leads, melodic choruses, and the most chilling black metal tones to Nyctophile.

Javier Quinto


The low end in Nyctophile, Javier conjures thundering, crushing sounds infused with melodic, elegant, and driven bass lines. He brings the most lucent and obscure melodies from his realm into our reality in Nyctophile.

Victor Karam


The pulse of Nyctophile, Victor channels his inner darkness and brings forth the wrath through his roaring drum play. His love for ambient synthesis and deep binaural sub-frequencies completes our dynamic sound that ravels the mind. His continuing strive for greatness, attributed to his time spent behind the kit with Our Own Accord and years spent recording both acoustic and experimental synthesis, have brought a level of experience and professionalism needed to complete what is is our sound.



Official Photographer/crew member - Jamie Kaufman of Jamie Kaufman Photography


Crew Member - Connie Koenig

Crew Member - Julie Mendez

Promotional Photography - Elizabeth Gore of Lone Wolf Productions


Album Artwork and Ninazu - Frank Daniel Duarte of Seventh Tower Artwork


Sigil - Angel of ImageCube


Music written by Nyctophile

Recording Engineer - Victor Karam at Netherworld Studios

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams and The Faceless

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