New Partner - Covenant Cables

We are proud to announce that we have joined the Covenant Cables family! This marks our first partnership with another company/brand!

We are excited to move forward and help bring quality audio fidelity with the help of Covenant Cables. 

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Album Review - "To Shine Light with We Are The Darkness"- By Hostile Jo

Check out our recent album review from Hostile Jo at Rockbrary!  

"Nyctophile, a local LA band has the magnitude of Behemoth and Carcass with elements of In Flames and Dark Tranquility."

"The album will floor you, drag you in and spit you back out, with the delightful enigmatic sounds, Nyctophile will seduce your ghastly soul."

Head on over to Rockbrary by clicking the link below to read more!

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Album Review by Marco Rusconi of CROM Magazine

Check out this recent review by Marco over at CROM Magazine!

"During the listening of the ten song long player you'll be completely surrounded by music that is powerful and melodic at the same time, where catchy and fast riffs leave room for great melodic openings."

"I haven't listened to a debut release album like this from many years."

Head on over to CROM Magazine and see why Marco gave us an 8.5/10 rating!

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Exclusive Premiere!

Metal Assault recently released an exclusive music video on their youtube channel and gave us a small review! Head on over to metalassault.com  and read up on us and all things metal and rock! 

shit support lyric video

Here is our first lyric music video from our debut album, "We Are The Darkness", out now! We would like to thank Malcom Semmens for the artwork and Curtis Lambert of Technicolor Horizon for the video. They both did fantastic work in creating this video! 

Artwork: Malcom Semmens

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MalSemmensArt/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/malsemmensa... 

Website: http://malsemmens.deviantart.com/   

Video/Editing: Curtis Lambert of Technicolor Horizon

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Javier Quinto - Bassist / Backing Vocals

Victor Karam - Drummer 

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